Plan the Day 3

I have a sheet of paper that has all the books of the Bible on them on the front and back of the page. There is a place to mark off the chapters I read. I love organization like this. I keep one of these papers in my Bible, and I read all that is on the page, front, and back in about 6 months. I have read the Bible more quickly, but this time it will take longer, because I am spending the time on two, chapters, or six, but making sure I am getting all I can. I write down pertinent, verses, in a journal which cost Ed and me 15 dollars. It is big, and it has 256 pages. I put this in my carrying case with the Bible. I can easily get the journal, and Bible out any time during the day. Usually I am in the Bible enough to last all day.

I find that planning to get up has its strains. I make sure I know what I will wear to church when I get up early. I might slip this on before studying. Then I can rest, and not rush. If we leave early, then I get up earlier. I plan the day this way. When you want to meet Him, He will help you. When you really want to study, your family will assist you.

Have you studied yet? This is all it takes if I have lingered in the kitchen, and not had the quiet time yet. Isaac is sold on my peace, and he reminds me if I miss the time. It is alright to go later, but think of the Lord standing in the room without my showing. He knows our hearts, and that we are made of dust. Fellowship is what I am trying to share with you. When you read the Bible, and write the Word, God comes and wants the fellowship with you. A good habit forms. It makes me retire earlier when I get up so early.


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