Plan the Day -2

When you really want to be with God for an hour, you may have to settle things in the Spirit. At times something, or someone gets in the way of the quiet time for me. I have to get up earlier than planned the next day, because of appointments, or things that have to be done. So I plan accordingly, and adjust.

I believe God wants the hour to be His from the start, without worrying about the time. I don’t have a watch with me, but I do have my phone which has the time. I looked at it today, and I was there for some time.

You see, it is the special time with the Lord that counts for the rest of the day. At first it was hard to get up that early. I love to sleep, and to hug Ed. But what was on my mind was God, and I knew I needed to make adjustments.

Ed, and I had this conversation. I said, “I am doing this for me. You may or may not see a change, but I must have quiet, time with the Bible, and in a place away from everyone. I am sorry for my attitudes, and flesh. I want to walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit, and it takes this to get hold of Him. He had no, problem with my dong this.

Isaac will ask if I have studied yet, if I am angry with him. I grin inside, because God is changing me ever so slowly. That is a, good, thing.


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