If you Become Consistent, it will go Through the Day.

I had to leave the house for school at an earlier than usual hour daily. I studied, and stayed in my room early, and then after school. I often took homework home, and I graded papers, and studied more for the next day. Teaching has work in parenthesis beside it. It is work for you, and for the students.

I believe being consistent is the hardest thing I have done. I have prayed that God would waken me to study, and He does. Then it is a matter of getting up, and following through with the plan. When I wake up, I get up many days. I think it is wise to stay up if the time is reasonable. For this reason I go to bed early enough to have seven hours of good, sleep. I don’t stay up until 2:00 A. M. and try to get up at 6:30 A. M. the next day. At times I am earlier in getting up. I have a built alarm clock. Ed gets up because I waken first. We don’t set the alarm, because I am the alarm for the family.

Spending time with God should have value to it so that you don’t forget what you read. I just finished Isaiah, and this week I have found those wonderful last chapters that are so full of the Lord’s comfort. I have read them many times, but I did read them carefully again. I came in the room, and Ed was up getting dressed.

I said, “Ed, I finished Isaiah!” He was happy with me. I am so glad to have support like this. I want Isaac and Ed to see a change in Ruby. I don’t want to be walking in self all day, and discontented with them, and everything that happens. God changes my attitude, and He takes the throne of my heart when I spend time with Him.  It help me to go through the rest of the day with this memory of what I did at the little table in the living room. I read the Word, and it went down deep into my soul.


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