I Believe in Planning the Day.

Some things I do are going to be daily. I am firm in my consistency, and at times I get up early so I can be consistent with reading the Bible. It makes me happy, glad, and gives me comfort, and wisdom. I soak in it before I go anywhere…..including church. I soak for me, myself, and I. I soak because I know that time with Him is not wasted. God listens when we pray, and when we consistently get before Him, He shows up.

He is the Word, and He wrote it. I believe God wants us to be like soldiers as Ephesians 6 talks about. It took me years to become daily with this. I would hit, and miss on getting up to read. Then when I got up more, and I refused to stay in bed, I developed a good, habit. Ed, and Isaac are still asleep. They know I need this, so they don’t complain, or try to change my mind. Time with God is necessary for me to walk the walk, and even then I need the presence of God in my life. Forget the problems. I need His Presence and He takes care of the rest.

Ed goes to the church to study, or he has his room with Isaac where he will sit down to study. Often the phones ring, but we don’t always answer. Time with the Lord is important. It is daily. It might be two times a day. When I finish, there should be a reminder of His Presence that goes with me all day.  It isn’t a chore, or a game. God is awesome.


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