Consistency 3………

I am on the same topic, and I have come back after taking a break to view what is on the blog. I believe in being consistent with some important things in my life. I consistently have trouble getting up in the morning, but it is worth it when I study solo in front of the picture window in our living room.

I have a, small, table, and my Bible fits there along with a small, lamp. This with a cup of coffee, or tea, and my Bible makes a perfect combination for the morning I will spend there. This morning I was there for two hours, and it takes time to be there and study. I open my Bible to the last place I was. This morning it was Isaiah, and I had the joy of finishing this book at last.

You see, I don’t believe in racing through the Bible to read it. I do believe in marking off chapters when I am finished. I believe I will finish before Christmas. Usually I have finished two, or three times in one year. I have slowed way down, because I believe the more I read, the more I will get out of the Bible. I write down the verses that are so meaningful this time around. I wrote three or four pages worth of notes, and I can read this when I am waiting to leave with Ed, or when I am at the church, waiting on things to bake.

Reading the Bible is a consistent hobby now, and I have chosen to make it this way. I study until I am finished. How do I study? I read the passage. It is usually the next one on the list. I have been in Isaiah for weeks, and today I finished it. It might have taken two weeks, or three. I date the pages in my journal.

I bought a nice journal with plenty of pages last time I bought one. Ed and Isaac see a difference when I spend this time solo before the Lord. He changes me into patient, kind, gentle, and loving. This is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. We know about the gifts, but without the fruit we become a clanging symbol. I don’t want to clang. In fact, you are the ones I share with if I find something I need to talk about. It is rare. I sit until I have finished.

The peace of Christ is all over me when I stop. His peace is important, because you can receive answers to prayers easily when you wear, and have His peace inside you. I was nervous about life, and anxious before I found Christ. He has changed me to quiet, still, and peaceful. I have a, long, way to go. Smile.


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