Consistency 2.

I have more to say, and the posts have to be shorter. So I compromise, and come back when I am not finished. At times I might write 5 times about the same subject, in small sections. Each post should not take much time to read. People have less time to read, and when I cooperate, I present a post that is short to read.

This is my latest drawing. Actually the real towel has turtles on it, but it is a beautiful, mint green, towel. This is my design that I took from the towel. The turtles on the towel I have are green, and light green, but these are beautiful as they are. Even the blue ones have meaning.

Some turtles are in their own world, and they never change colors. They are purple because they are given this beautiful color by the artist. I have never seen a blue, or a purple, turtle. They are only in my imagination. In the remote parts of the earth, there may be purple, and blue, turtles. Who knows!?NEW VERSION OF TURTLE TOWEL BY RUBY J CRAFT


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