The Roses are Awesome.

Ed planted roses in a garden for me last year for Mother’s Day. I still have this garden, and this year the roses are blooming in the yard. I have more roses where the old shed was. The shed fell apart finally, and Ed took it down. It was old. Now we have a net for the roses to grow on, and they climb up it. The stems are rather long, and the roses are bright red. The persons who lived here before us were into flowers. He had a place to work on the flowers.

Evidence of flowers are over the yard, near the side of buildings. Our garage is open, but brick. On the other side we have a few, flowers growing from the last owner’s love for plants.  I am careful. I saw a black widow spider in the garage area once. I turned it over to see the hour glass in red. I don’t go barefoot there, or in the yard.


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