Sweet Potatoes.. what a change from Irish Potatoes.

I could eat a baked potato with sour cream, and chives any time of the day. Then Ed had heart surgery, and we changed from Idaho, to Sweet Potatoes. I liked sweet potatoes, but not enough to change entirely to them. Ed couldn’t eat the Idaho any more, so he learned to like other foods as well. A five-bypass on the heart is serious, and we were learning at first a new way of eating. We couldn’t have deserts, and fried foods. Ed was raised on it. His parents were wonderful cooks, and they ate fried everything.

We went off fried foods, and the weight dropped for him considerably. My Ed is six-foot tall, and he is thinner than most men, but he has a slight, stomach. It seemed ridiculous that he would have heart trouble. We changed from red meat to chicken, or pork. Now we mainly eat pork. We don’t have hamburgers weekly, and we don’t eat tons of ice cream. In fact, we were off the sweets for some time. We mainly drink water, use milk in the oatmeal, and we don’t engage in Colas of any kind. Even diet colas we don’t drink. I don’t eat as much bread, and I try to exercise. I have a bench to help with that.

It has been about nine, years, and we are doing well. I watch what I eat, and I try to manage the weight. Irish potatoes are wonderful now. I don’t put marshmallows on them anymore. In fact, butter is all I put on mine. I still love Irish potatoes, and when we go to the restaurant, I order a regular potato with some of the works. How about butter, and sour cream. I forget the other things.


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