So What’s for Supper?

I changed the tablecloth to a check pattern. The other tablecloth is in the washer. It needed to be washed. I put real tablecloths on the little round table I have in the den. We eat in there because of the television. We can watch the news and eat at the same time.

This works for us, and we have no complaints about the meal. Usually the news is on for the time we watch. It is interesting the amount of facts we find out on the news. I was disappointed about some of the latest news. People I thought were straight, apparently have fooled me. I still think his character in the program is portrayed well. I still think he is a wonderful actor. I will accept him as he is because I have come to love the cast, and all those on the show. At times I think, “Everyone works on this show.” That is the way to have a good one that is popular.

So what is for supper? Pork chops beaten by Isaac’s kitchen hammer. They are the best when they have the topping on them. We eat more of these than we know. Yet, what other meat will let you chew it without making you choke. Ed has to eat carefully. He has a tendency to choke. I ease up, and forget about this until he has trouble. It is always with something else that we have decided to have. Hamburger is not eaten much here. I can’t have it, and neither can Ed.


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