I Have Potatoes In Baking.

It takes potatoes a while to bake, and I put mine in an hour ago before Isaac, and Ed got home. They went to here and there for a while, and when I called, they were on the way home, and about here. We are having sweet potatoes, because they are better for you than most kinds of potatoes. The Idaho potato I love, but I have finally switched to sweet potatoes. I add butter, but would love to add brown sugar. That is a no for right now. When the weight comes down, I can eat everything. Now I am still trying to manage the weight.

We have gone off ice cream for a while. I see a little difference. We were eating it every day. I still love it, but while I am off, I will stay off. I think special days are exceptions to the rules. I can’t count every holiday, but the major ones are when I might eat ice cream.

If it gets hot this summer, I will have to eat something cold. Maybe I can have flavored ice!


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