I Have Checked the Blog Today.

I check the stats off and on usually, and today it has been all day. Gradually the views have gone up. I usually write three, and then return to see if people are reading them.

Today has been a wonderful, sunny day. I stepped outside to cut more roses. My silver scissors cut the roses easily. I put one small vase in our bathroom, and then I put one on the shelf in the kitchen. The roses have been gorgeous this year. There have been plenty of them, and the more I cut, the more I see new blooms. Ed said they will bloom if I cut off the buds. I have.

I love days like this when I have no schedule. I sat at the table this morning until later in the morning, around eleven. I was studying, and finishing the book of Isaiah. I did finish today. I marked the book off with a smile. I did put in the Bible in a special place, that I finished Isaiah and when. I have read it before on my journey through the Bible. I plan to finish reading it, and no, I don’t know what to read next unless Jeremiah hasn’t been read.


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