I Believe Ice Cream is a Wonderful Invention.

I have eaten ice cream in various dishes all my life. We made it at home when I was growing up. It was expensive in the stores, if you could find it. That has changed, and there are many varieties. When I lived in another state, we would go to the ice cream shop after going to the doctor to get a shot. Mom and Dad were firm about vaccinations every year. We kept them up and that hurt. Dad would take us to the doctor to help us on our way home. It was comfort food.

When I went to college, I missed Mom and Dad, and my sisters. My roommate was several hundred miles from home and she missed her family. So we would walk to the nearest drugstore, and get ice cream. I always like a cone. I don’t remember if she always had a cone. We would eat our ice cream all the way back to the dorm. It was usually Spring, and hotter when we did this. It cooled us off, and of course we were happier.


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