Good Morning! Tuesday is All Day!

Tuesday is all day. I plan and rest today. I rest before going to cook the supper for everyone at the church. It is a real, meal and I plan ahead what I will bring, fix, and work on. I have no clue right now what we will have, but pork roast has been a favorite. Meatloaf is good, because I put a sauce on it. I make lasagna and it has been awhile, as well as pot pie which is totally home-made goodness. I have many choices. I love okra, and I can have it at home. I don’t know if everyone loves it like I do. I was raised in the South, and we love okra, green beans, and corn on the cob. We make home-made ice cream, and apple pie.  That is being Southern.

I love banana pudding, and the old-fashioned fired chicken, and steak cooked in gravy. Yes, I am very Southern. Maybe the North has such recipes. I learned mine from my family, and from Ed’s family. His mother taught me how to cook her way. It was home style, and I love it. You can tell, because I manage my weight without as many sweets now.


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