794 Is a Good Number.

This is the amount of followers on Rubies Corner’s blog now. I believe we will make it beyond 800. It is a matter of time. The numbers change slowly. It is counting the followers carefully. Some leave, and I don’t blame them. At times I write more, and other times I cannot write for a day or so. I usually write daily…about 20 posts at times!

When they are short, they are less trouble to read. I love to draw, and I do include some with the posts. This takes time to draw things out, but I believe pictures help at times. Other times I love to just read. Pictures will get in the way, because I wonder what it is about. Then I read to find out. I go back to read the post again if it is saying things that I need to hear about. Smile. I love to read other people’s writings. All of us have individual interests, and styles in writing. For me, I write what comes to mind at the moment.READY TO GO.Rocks in the Creek.


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