Mother’s Day was Wonderful.

Ed took us out for Mother’s Day. We went to a fine restaurant. It is in the area near our home. There were plenty of people in line, and I found a seat outside on a bench. The couple beside my bench talked with me, and then with Ed, and me. They were celebrating Mother’s Day.

We talked until they knew a few things about us. We were called inside, and we found our favorite foods. I usually spend more, but Isaac was hungry. I let him have steak, and Ed had his fish. I chose Parmesan chicken, and it was wonderful. I couldn’t eat all my meal. I saved room for desert. I couldn’t eat all of my dessert either. I chose carrot cake.

Isaac can make all of these dishes. He knows how to make excellent carrot cake, but Wednesday, he will fix a chocolate cake, if he feels fine. He has wisdom teeth that will be checked out today by a surgeon. I hope he doesn’t have to go in on Wednesday. Isaac comes faithfully, but his wisdom teeth are protruding through the gum. They will have to be cut out.

I had mine cut out when Isaac was a year old. So now Isaac is going through his pain. It is worth getting the teeth out. I wish I had straighter bottom row teeth. Mine is crooked. Maybe as I age I will have some teeth pulled. I will go through it asleep. It is the best way.


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