Everyone Doesn’t Revere Our Street.

I keep my Bible in a carrying case, and with it I have a new, Journal. It cost some money to get this one. It will last for a while. The pages are line, and long. I filled 3-4 pages of notes today. I do this, because some of the notes are the verses that I find that are simply wonderful. I have been reading in Isaiah. My goal is to finish read this book. I will be on 60 the next time I sit down at my table.

I have this table at the window. It is small, with a lamp on it. I can spread open my Bible, and there is room for the journal. I write down my favorite verses. This is my time to read. Today I read from 7:30-10:00 A. M. The time went by fast. I brought my pocketbook into the room, and laid it on the big rocker. I have my pens in a pen pouch. They were used today. There are 256 pages in my journal. It will take longer to finish this time.

The rest of my journals are on my closet shelf in a row. I have room for several to be placed there. This way I have all of them together. Today Isaiah was wonderful. It is refreshing to read the Word first thing. My view from the table is the street below our yard, and people as they stop at the four-way stop. Some slide by, and don’t really stop.

Isaac went out to sweep up glass that people leave at the stop sign. He takes a risk to sweep it up. He was sure the glass wasn’t going to do good lying there. I agree, but I told him to be careful. It really isn’t his job to sweep the street. He does because he doesn’t want others to have a flat because of our road. I wish more people were alert to the glass that gets thrown out on the street. One person I saw throwing it out, and leaving. It is against the law, but there is no one there to watch, and arrest.


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