791 is a Wonderful Number.

I haven’t checked to see all the kinds of followers I have. At times I pitch one off the list because they are so radical that I couldn’t fly with what they are saying. I could be to 795 by now, but I am conservative in my views, and some things I don’t put up with. I am not straight-laced, but I am a Christian, and I tell this up front on my title. I am here to encourage others, and to talk about life in my lane.

I knew one once who said she was in the fast lane of life. She really was. I guess by now she is older, and wiser, but back then she was definitely fast in her pace through life. I have met several who were sadly of this thinking. So I am pleased when I see the nineties are here. We will be to 800 before we know it.

Thank you for coming by and hitting the follow button. I have met some wonderful people who follow this blog. Usually I go see what you are writing.  Sometimes I follow you because I like what I read quickly. It takes a fast lane person for me to consider if I want them following what I say.

I don’t swear in my writings, unless it is rare. I have on Rubies Corner’s blog maybe two times.  That is in seven years of writing. I think I can say things without having to swear to say it. If I ever swear, it is only for emphasis. I try not to when I am writing, because I believe most words are educational, beautiful, and worthy of being put in the script. Why use a word that is over used. I wasn’t an English major. Maybe I should have been.


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