How to Grow a Church 2.

We have ears to listen, and we have mouths to speak, and to sing. If you know Christ you are part of the big, church all over the world. I want to talk about growing your church that you go to now.

We have traditions that we have been doing for the past twelve,years because Aunt Jenny suggested we do this. I believe we need to stream down the flack, and have worship until we know we have worshiped the Lord. Usually we have 45 minutes. If we concentrate on the Lord, and don’t move from our places, we might get into the Presence of the Lord together. Our minds need to be centered on the Lord. He loves us. Get water, tea, and take a break after worship has happened. The sermon includes worship. So get everything done before you enter to worship. This way all stay in the sanctuary. Give Him first place.

I believe people don’t come, because people aren’t praying for each other. Self gets us distracted, and self doesn’t want to get out of bed, and come to church. I have that problem at times, and you know, I pray more over Sunday mornings, and Wednesday night services than any other request. I take the services seriously, and I ask God the Holy Spirit to work in us, and to bless.

I was in the office today waiting on Ed to show us something on the computer. I saw a face, and it didn’t look good. I mentioned it to Isaac on the way home. What I will do with the vision is pray over it until I have the peace of God about it. It’s called Holy Spirit communication. We need to pray together, and to ask God to move. Apathy, and arguments with the Lord don’t make us want to come to church. When we pray together, the Lord changes things for us.

I believe there is protection in the Lord. When we go our own way, the protection is not there, because we are not in the place where God will bless us. We need to find a place that we like, which provides worship opportunity that we love, and like. People come because they want to come, not because they have to come. I believe we meet together for many reasons. Foremost we must meet in order to sing together, and to worship the Lord. It is awesome to come into His Presence, and join in with more people who love Him. I believe the small churches are blessed as well. If two or three gather in His name, there He is in our midst. It doesn’t make a difference with God. He looks on our hearts. He sees the true heart, and He blesses those who walk in obedience.

There have been times when I needed my congregation to pray with me regarding my health, or a problem I had. They prayed and I saw answers. When two are in agreement, it puts 10,000 to flight. Think what that would be if we had 30 people agreeing. I believe God wants us to be steadfast, unmoving in our faith. Stand on the Word the Lord gives you, and don’t budge. Declare His Word, and you will see that this puts fuel to the prayers.


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