Happy Mother’s Day Greetings!

I am early, but Happy Mother’s Day greetings! This is a day to celebrate your mother, whoever she was. If you are a female, it is a day to celebrate if you have had babies, or tried, and miscarried. I believe single, teachers are like mothers to their children for the time they have them. Men, teachers are like fathers to the children. Someone has to tend to them, and require a, learning, atmosphere.

I believe a Mother’s place is where she is called. Just because you are a female doesn’t mean that God won’t use you in life. In fact He used many women of the Bible. Jesus loved the children, and said let them come to Me. Parents raise a child to love God, and to put Jesus Christ first. Mother’s have a wonderful role with their children. So do Fathers.

I believe Mothers’ who teach their children proper manners, and the ways of the Lord will find they receive Christ early. In my case, I found the Lord at 8, and then at 12. My mother led to Christ after my older sister came to Christ. My dad led her to Christ. I felt left out, and Mother called me into her bedroom. She was lying down with a sick headache. She asked if I had received Christ. I told the truth. She led me to Christ, and I prayed to give my whole heart to Him. He came in, and I was happy, instead of sad. I was joyful, and I sang, and sang……outside on the porch. Christ gave me abundance of His joy for the sadness I had. There was an immediate change.

I gave my life to Him, fully at 12. It was time to get serious with God, and it was a commitment that I made to give Him my life. This was longer than a day’s experience that I had. I wanted to make sure He was living in me, and to commit to Him forever.

I was called many, places until I finally discovered that God wanted me to be willing to go anywhere for Him. I gave this to Him.

I thought I would be going to Africa as a missionary. I studied the big, cities of Africa, trying to decide where I would go.

I found myself praying over South America, and Europe. I caught on finally.

Surrender is where He leads. It is why He wants us to surrender.

Our hearts need to be full of the Presence of God, and the Holy Spirit wants all of you from head to toe, inside and out and all around. Surround is profound, but when the Holy Spirit comes in to live in us, it is awesome. We serve a risen Savior, Jesus the Christ. He came to die that we might have life. This is true liberation.


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