I Know. ( I changed the title to I know, because I know I need confidence.)

I won’t go anywhere without having the confidence that what I am wearing suits the occasion. I must have confidence or I try on something else. At times I change to several outfits, until I find the right one for the day. I wish I were not so picky. I have to look right, because I am shy until I feel the garment is wonderful for today. I have confidence, and I am not proud, but careful. I really don’t have style, and models in my family line, but they are beautiful, people. They are, but I don’t think of myself as beautiful. I may be neat, but I take care these days to be this way. I don’t like runny, polish, and getting it on the side of my toes, instead of on the nail.

I dress, and polish on my own. I am not rich, or vain. Frankly the outward appearance is not what is in the heart. I read the Word daily so that the inside is pretty, to God. He gives me confidence, and I try to look the neat, way.

I am older, and it has been a long way with the neatness fight. I don’t love sloppy, unless it is neat. A prettier, woman can get away with it, but not me. I am short, overweight now, and working on that.

I believe inside God sees a Jewel he is polishing.  Jewels are polished by people, places, and things. If you have been going through a rough time, I send up prayers for you, that you will finally settle with God and find His peace. Peace is in the midst of the storm when you don’t know the outcome. Peace when others have havoc.

Trust in the Lord. This is the theme of Psalms. I think about holding His big hand, as I go through the trials, and storms of life. I have had plenty, and I have learned, and I am still learning to trust, and obey, and to trust and not be fearful. He is watching over us. He watches with loving eyes, and care.

God wants us to run to Him, and sit down. He wants to give us something for the day we are going through. Getting up is the discipline. Finally settling down in a chair with the tea is a discipline when the pets want fed, and the sink is full of dirty, dishes. Peace of the Lord is at a cost. I must discipline to get up and read early. I am learning, and I do get up. It is so worth it.


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