I couldn’t get the letters to cooperate on the Title of this post. I must be tired, or the computer is being uncooperative. I drew only a sketch of an outfit that is fit for going to a special occasion. This is my opinion. I have one such outfit. I found it, and didn’t pay a terrible price for such an outfit. I thought of wearing this to the banquet I will go to, but the group is not dressing up. They are wearing casual, which is another look than what I just drew.

In the outfit I drew, it could be for a special occasion, like an anniversary, or for Mother’s Day. It may only go with a night occasion that is more formal. I believe some people look good in anything they put on. This is why I have been on the bench more this week. I want to fit into my clothes with some loose material so I don’t look like I have stretched to put it on. I am losing, and I have several to go.

It is when I try on clothes that I get motivated to exercise the weight off. It won’t come off any other way, and walking is good for the soul. I do exercises on my own daily…and then I get into food I shouldn’t. I have to practice discipline, and now is the time to not eat as much. The clothes will feel better, and the confidence will return. Walk down the hall with the knowledge that you have done your best to look fit, and be fit. For me that is much exercise, but it is worth it.


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