The Word is Strong.

I had to memorize verses in order to go to my first camp. It took me several years, but I memorized 300 Bible verses to attend that camp. I was thrilled to go, and it was a wonderful week with people I didn’t know. We swam twice a day, and I loved everything about camping. I came home happy, and inspired to live for Christ.

When I have difficulty with someone, or something I find verses in the Bible that will help me in praying about the problem. I ask the Lord for wisdom, and He usually gives me words, or a verse. I see pictures at times. A teacher yelled loudly at me one day, and I went home perplexed as to why it had to be this way. Her voice traveled down the halls, and everyone could have heard what she said.

I prayed, and prayed. I sought the Lord. Finally I told my principal. He talked with her, and she apologized, and when we see each other now we are always respectful. God wants us to pray over those who speak in the wrong way to us. What I saw about this lady was a huge being behind her who was speaking through her. His influence made her yell so loudly. I told Ed, and we prayed against the thing standing behind her. It left in Jesus name. I believe demons speak through anyone available. Christians are not excluded, because some are influenced and don’t realize it.

The Word of God is strong. It is a sharp, two-edged sword. When you use it with your praying, it puts fuel to your prayers. If you are praying for your family, or for someone in your home, then anoint the pillow with oil before you fill it with a pillowcase. Go through your home when you are by yourself, and give each room to God. You can kneel in each room if you feel led. I have before. It takes minutes to do this, but the Presence of the Holy Spirit is with you as you confess Christ is Lord over your home. Speaking the Word out loud is powerful. Acts 16:31 is not only for salvation.


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