I’m Typing in the Dark.

Isaac has an appointment at eleven, but he isn’t getting up. I am sitting at the desk in his room, typing this post. Ed may have come in from letting  Butch, our dog, roam in the front yard. It is a beautiful, sunny, day.

We get up when we wake up on Monday’s, and Thursday’s.. These are the days after going to the church for services. Yesterday was a long day, and I found myself staying with my schedule. I retired early from being worn out. It is wearing to be in ministry, but I wouldn’t want to have done any differently. I taught school for twenty years, and still went to church every Sunday, and Wednesday nights. There was more  that I did at the church in the summers in those day. I had the summers off from work.

I believe God gives and He takes away. I believe He sees ahead, and He knows the past. He sees the whole picture at once. I love God, and plan to live for Him all my life. I am getting older, and I feel older today, but it is a good feeling to have worked, and been in the Lord’s house.



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