I am Strong.

I am strong in my thoughts about what I like, or don’t like. I make apple pie when I make pie. I love to make cake. I have been strong all my life when I make up my mind about what I want. I love sweets, but they are not good for me. I tend to go all the way off them, and then take some days to eat them again. I feel that I will be going off them again. It is part of the necessity of life for me. I need to get in control of what I eat.

I am strong-willed about things. I practice the discipline of getting before the Lord, and reading the Word. It is discipline, because many things call me to allegiance. I believe God gives me strength. He has led me this far through my life. When I had to make decisions in life, I fasted, and prayed. One time I went without supper, and I didn’t know about fasting. I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t show up at the dining hall, because I was praying about who would take me home after graduation. I had two, choices, and as I prayed, I found that it would be Ed. I made the right decision. He was praying about me.



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