I am Strong. 2

I believe in being led by the Lord, and to become strong in Him. I am strong, and I have stood when there wasn’t much to stand on but the Word. The Word is what I stood on, and I had no other reason. I believed what God said, and it happened. You see, when I pray about something, the Lord will give me assurance as to whether I am going the right way or not. I stand on the Word He gives me. In fact I memorize that Word.

I had a concussion in two, places once when I fell off the treadmill I was on at the BX. It is a place where you pay to exercise, but you can use any of the machines. I did, and I got distracted, and fell. When I woke up, I was in the ambulance waiting to go to the hospital. Well one week later I had a pacemaker put in, and they sent me home to recover. The verse God gave me during this time was very strong. I memorized it, and tried to say it aloud. It took awhile. I healed and that is the last concussion I have had. Two at once was a trip. I was out of work for some time, but the promise He gave me I repeated until I memorized it. He promised to heal me, and that I would not die, but live.

I was reading my Bible, and God spoke to me. I heard his voice when He gave me these words. I wrote them down, and they are in that Bible to this day. I believe God speaks out of the blue to each of us who are listening. He speaks through the Word, through people who know Him, and then out of the blue. I can’t explain it, but I know that He spoke, and I heard words of encouragement. I thought I might not live through the terrible fall I had. It took months to recover. I spent hours at home alone with God, my Bible, and on my bed. I treasure memories of His closeness. I did heal. I went back to work, and stayed over 7 years tutoring children, and adults.


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