How to Grow a Church. 2

This may be the last time I talk about this subject, but I am on a roll here. I want to talk about how to grow a church. I wrote one time about this and it isn’t going to be enough. I have more to say.

I founded Rubies Corner’s blog, and it has grown. The reasons are several, but one is that I use pictures with the writing. Another reason is that I go to Reader and read what is being put out there daily. Authors  are wonderful…for the most part. I believe there is an audience of people for all of us who consistently write on the internet. I write daily, and at times I write more than 3 posts. My sister gets a copy of all I write. At times I smile, and hope she won’t be mad, because she will have about 15 posts to read in one day. That is only when I am on a roll.

So how do you grow a church? If God isn’t there then you need to go home. Someone, and several people need to pray for the church, because it won’t budge without your prayers. I have told you before, two people agreeing will make the church grow. When we get into arguments, the Holy Spirit waits until we settle down, and want to worship the Lord. I believe we should get more sleep before we go to church, not less. Last night I could not sleep over an hour.  I got up every time I woke up, so I lost more sleep. I finally went to sleep, and I awoke to the cat in the first bathroom scratching on the door.

I got up, and went down the hallway to the living room. This is where I have a table, and I have laid my Bible, and notebook out, ready to read. I may be there at 5:30 A. M. but really I get up when the sun is just coming up. I don’t want to watch the darkness outside turn to light. I turn on the light at the lamp, open the Bible to the next chapter I have to read, and I read, and study for at least an hour. Ed, and Isaac are asleep for most of this time, because I chose to get up, and slip away to the living room where I can find God for the day.




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