Feet are Exposed when it Gets Warm.

There is madness on Saturday, trying to clean my feet, and get them presentable for exposure. I have big feet, and my nails are big on my feet. I think my feet are pretty, so I work on them all the more. Olive oil helps take away the dryness. I have to work on the roughness and olive oil, and other things help get the rough to go away. I have this blue instrument that scrapes the rough skin away without hurting. I broke it, and I still use it.

I love feet, but olive oil does wonders to hands, and feet. I use it every day I think to use it. That is plenty. I keep olive oil in the bathroom for our hands, and feet. My face gets it too. Dry heat, and differences in temperatures on a daily basis confuse me as to whether I should go with closed shoes, or sandals. I am not wearing sandals today. I love to see pretty feet, and mine look pretty when I have worked carefully. Polish can’t be rushed. When I do, it gets on other parts of my feet, and when I look down, they look a mess. So I plan ahead, take my time, and then I am ready when it is time to go. I don’t have to paint the nails.


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