Church was Fantabulous.

Two visitors met Ed and I at the door. They came before we did, but we were almost early. They must have been excited to come. We came in with treats for after church, and immediately I went on up to the choir section to see what I needed to do. Someone had already put the overheads on the shelf. She was here earlier than we were. Her husband came earlier also.

I guess there are several things that could make us late. I got up early and stole to the living room where I found my new journal and studied for an hour. Then I called Ed, and Isaac and we all got ready for breakfast. I fixed fried eggs, and toast. We have this every morning without fail. Lately our energy has been better, not worse.

I have been off bread, and sweets of late. It has only been a short time. I eat them if I am around people. I don’t eat them when I am not around them. I ate something that has caused me to itch. I will get over this.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I believe I woke up four times in the night. I went to bed early enough, because I wanted to go in the living room for my Quiet time. You see, when I read and study, it does something for me. I gain my peace, and when I have peace, I can pray. I do.


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