789 is Close to 790.

789 is close. I am thankful for 789 followers. I will wait for it to go to 790. We are on a roll today. We have a wonderful day to go through. This is Sunday Morning, and I am not on the Sunday Morning show. I can’t be. I don’t have the time. My day started early, and I am ready to go to church. I like to get there, make coffee, and tea water, and then read more. I get peace when I sing to the Lord, or read.

I sang this morning. He is my peace. I sang about Him. I sang to Him. It is wonderful, and the rest of the house listens. They just listen. There I go again singing to my Maker, but He deserves my praise. I won’t do a good job singing, if I don’t sing in the times when I’ m not singing with people. So I opened mouth, and began spontaneously singing to God on the Throne in Heaven. It brought me joy, peace, and happiness. I finished the eggs in no time. Ed came to eat them, and Isaac is still getting dressed. He started later.


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