I Have Always Loved Daisies.

I bought some daisies from the store, and I took them to the church where I have painted plenty of times. I had a little, vase to put the daisies in, and I set up the easel outside. I wore my hat, and gathered all the paints I would need. This picture took some time, and I came back to the church to do more painting on it. In those days our person who cooked on Wednesday nights, and came to the church to pray and clean was always there. This day he wasn’t there. Maybe it was his off day.

I brought water to dip the paint brushes in, and I held the flowers in my hand, and began painting. I had the background on the painting in minutes. As for the flowers, I tried to make details. I am told that somehow the painting was disturbed and knocked off the easel where I left it until the next day. I came in ready to paint, and I noticed a blotch on the bottom of the painting. The man who was always at the church had big shoes, because his feet were big. He tripped on the easel, and the painting fell. This is why there is a smudge in the painting. Can you tell? I kept on painting until I was through. The flowers stayed fresh for several days until I could paint the daisies.




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