I Do Look on the Outward Appearance, but God Looks on your heart. I cannot.

I look on the outward appearance, but God looks on your heart. I cannot. I can talk with you, and surmise, judge, and think what I want to think. I am an independent person, but think how much God sees about you and every one of us that we can’t see. We are blind as it comes to looking at a person’s real heart where they are the real person.

I can see a tendered heart at times. People have so much troubles that they are either tenderized by them, or their hearts become like stones, and walls are built to protect them from becoming vulnerable to hurts again.

God wants us to rend our hearts and not our garments. He doesn’t look on the outward appearance. I am sure if you have been faithful to Him, and repented of your own sin, that He knows you well. He knows your strengths, and weaknesses. When you come to Christ, there is a change, or your coming didn’t take. You didn’t really mean for Him to come inside you. When you surrender fully to Him, you will notice that you don’t desire what you did before. Your mind, body, and soul belong to God, and the Holy Spirit comes in to set up inside you from head to toe, inside and out. This is why there is a change.

I remember one woman who was so mean. She was mean to anyone who was in front of her. She came for Ed’s class on Evangelism. She wanted to go with this group to invite people to our church. Ed’s job was to visit, and to teach a class on Evangelism, and to preach every other Sunday. He held the class, and because I hardly saw him, I decided to come along to this night class.

There she was, and at first everyone listened, and went home. We had to be taught some before going to visit. One night, in a meeting, this woman came to Christ. She cried, repented, and confessed her sins, and soon Christ was evidently in her. She changed from meanness, and our not wanting to be around her, to loving, and this big, smile came on her face from the moment she received Christ as her Savior.  Her meanness left, and the woman was actually happy.

This has been 47 years ago that we met her, and she came to Christ. I am sure she is gone to Glory by now. We often refer to Zelda, because she beamed with the love of God, and everyone could see the change that had come to her. Humility makes us repent, and repentance means that we change, because Christ has come to forgive our sins, and give us eternal life. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sins. There should be a change. My change was that I was no longer so sad, and crying when the hymns were played at church. God gave me the joy of the Lord. I haven’t been the same either.


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