787 is a Wonderful Number.

I watch the flow of followers for Rubies Corner’s blog. It has gone to 103 views just now, and 787 followers. I am glad, overjoyed, and awed that the Lord has helped me today. Also maybe this was the blog everyone should read today. There is someone who sends people out to different blogs daily. It works. You meet new people this way.

Isn’t it wonderful to meet new, pleasant people? I think it is encouraging. Today I have met two new ones, and I encouraged them in the things of the Lord. I have yet to read my Bible for today. I have less than a half hour and I will not have made it. I sent Isaac to the store and called him from home two times. One of those times I asked him to get me a notebook. I didn’t remember to ask him where it was. I don’t know yet if he bought it.

I just asked. “I forgot totally. I have to go back to the store eventually, anyway.” I have a few more pages, and then I will have to do something. I guess when I want it done, I should find the notebook of my choice. I have enjoyed the fancy one from the book store. It is black, and all the pages were lined in it. I have enjoyed it. There is a vine design on it, so it is a black background, with a white design. It is beautiful, and I have almost totally filled this one with Quiet Time notes.

My side has been hurting again. It is up high. I guess I have nothing to worry about. The doctor said my gall bladder was fine. I have not worried, but tonight the pain started after supper. It is still there, but maybe this is muscular. I did get into the dryer two, times to take the clothes out. I fold, and put them away. Work is painful at times!


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