We Have Had the Last of the Left Overs.

We had pork roast for Wednesday, night, supper at the church. I served home-made mashed potatoes, and peeled carrots in with the roast as it baked. I made my own cole slaw as a side, and cookies that I found at the grocery store to make. The cookie mix had a combination of brownie, and cookie that I worked with. It was something different.

I believe this last meal was the hardest I have had to finish. My friends Tony, and Doris brought a fruit tray. We had plenty to serve, and most of the fruit tray was gone. I believe we love to eat.

The meal went over, and for me, we had plenty of people for one person to cook with. We had four who came to visit us, and to eat. I was tickled, because otherwise my family eats the left overs. We don’t waste anything.


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