Things that Make You Strong.

As you get older your memory will begin to give you problems. People forget right in the middle of the sentence they were speaking. This bothers older, people. This may have bothered you all your life. I want to suggest some things that will make you stronger.

To overcome loss of memory, eat 3 good meals a day. Read the Bible consecutively, or at least one, book at a time if you skip around. Spend quality time, and take notes in a notebook. Write down verses that mean something to you. You may not see a passage that is yours for several, chapters. Then something will be there to help you. Write that one down.

I know many Christians who have fasted their way through life. I believe if you want to fast, you should. The want may be God calling you to give up one, or two, things. It will make you strong in your inner, man to Read the Bible, Pray, fast, and to write down verses that God has shown you for the day.

A composition notebook is wonderful if you can’t find a book to write your notes.It comes with lined, and blank, pages.

I have fasted for 3, days a week before. I have fasted longer by going without 2 things. My family gets used to this. They see the changes it makes. Fasting is for personal strength, and to get to know the Lord better. It is for making requests, and for talking to Him with an awareness that you have been doing without. I know he listens to our cries, and prayers. When we walk in humility, the Lord will talk to us.

Setting aside a place at home for your Bible study is important. I have a small, family, but I still put my Bible where I can find it the next day. It is in the living room, and I sit at a table to write down what I find out of the Word. It helps me become strong in the Lord, which is powerful, because knowing Him is what should be first, priority.

One of those meals should be smaller than the other two. Breakfast can be huge. On those days, skip lunch, or serve it later. I find that having popcorn in the evening is a good way to get by from having a heavy, supper. We don’t put much salt, or butter on our popcorn. We are heart patients, and we don’t eat like we used to eat.

Making yourself a schedule will make you stronger. Really.



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