The Footsteps of the Righteous. Orders from the Lord, like an impression to give someone firewood.

Submission to Christ is from head to toe, inside and out. I believe we gather for worship and encouragement. I believe God wants us to encourage each other in the Lord. Otherwise we gather to worship and to go home. That is encouragement, but when the Lord let’s you communicate, take it to the highest step. Share Christ with your neighbors. It means much to those who are faithful and who know Him. The footsteps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord. He remembers our weakness. He sends his angels to rescue us.

Take courage. The anointing of a white, linen, cloth in Jesus name is good to do. You pray in Jesus name over the cloth, and then carry it. Wave it before the Lord in praise when you are by yourself. God sees it as an act of worship to Him. I believe God helps us when we are surrounded by unbelievers. He gives us reasons to pray. Eventually, you might give this anointed piece of cloth to someone who is sick. It has been through praise, worship, and praying. Why not give it to them by faith.

When you use scripture with your prayers it adds fuel to the prayer. Don’t become discouraged. Find someone who will fellowship. He increases what you have when you give some of it away. I know.

At times I profess that I am a Christian, on the internet, and this blog. Rubies Corner is here to bring encouragement to those who are thirsty for more of the Lord. I have no one else to talk with about this except my church,and family. We study, and have a little, time to fellowship.

I call friends, and family. When they bring up Christ, or when I do, we fellowship. Most of it is talking about what I learned today, or who wrote me on the blog. I believe fellowship is not as important as reading the Word, and having your quiet, time. I have been remiss in not having mine for today. I believe a new, journal will help me want to get up. Mine is running out of pages.

People watch Christians. Some know we have a bad, name because of the way others have acted. Remember, all of us are sinners saved by grace. No one can be perfect, because we have a sinful nature. The difference is that Christians humble themselves before Almighty God, and make their requests in Jesus name.

I Believe the Holy Spirit gives power, and boldness, and wisdom. In this world, watching takes place long before conversion. People want to see the reality of God in someone’s life. I spoke in the title of impressions from God. It is God impressing you to do something. For me, once it was to give a neighbor a package of hamburger. Another time it was to talk to my neighbors when I had car trouble. The gentleman helped me.

Many are the trials of the Christian, but God delivers us out of them all. (Bible)

Faithful is He who calls you, who also will do it. (Bible)

He will not leave, or forsake you when others have. Your heart should be humble, and your sins confessed. Take advantage of the quiet, times when family is gone. Read the Word, and get enough for the day.


8 thoughts on “The Footsteps of the Righteous. Orders from the Lord, like an impression to give someone firewood.

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m a growing Christian and I was diagnosed of paranoid schizophrenia 5 months ago.. holding on to the Christian faith isn’t easy especially when I’m writing exams but I’m having problems with retention and memory. Is there any way to become a stronger Christian? And experience God’s love?


    1. To grow in the Lord, I recommend reading the Bible daily. Find a place to set up in your home for study, and don’t let it be in the midst of everyone. I chose the living room because there is a little table there by the window. I can study, and view the traffic. I believe I have kept my Bible there for two weeks, and no one has touched it. My family is glad that I am reading my Bible. It makes a difference.
      To become stronger, believe with all your heart that Jesus died for you personally. Receive what He did for you on the cross personally. Receive that He rose again, and is coming back for His children. Then tell Him that you want to be His child from head to toe, inside and out. I have known the Lord for many years, but I still submit this way . Daily submission is the key. Reading the Word, and taking a notebook with you is wise. I date the pages, and then put down the passage I am reading. The page I have is a copy of the books of the Bible and the chapters. I check off the chapters I have read. This helps. Then also ask the Holy Spirit to fill you from head to toe inside and out. Submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Bind every spirit between you and God and submit to His Presence inside you. If any thing comes to mind that you need to rebuke, then do that in Jesus name. God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but love, power and a sound mind. This came to mind as I write. I don’t mean to be long winded, but you are the second person who has told me they are struggling today. We all struggle with life. But when you put Christ first, and OPEN the Bible, read, and take notes, it becomes a memorable moment. Notebook paper is fine to use in a notebook, but I usually buy a composition book..the biggest I can buy. Other times I get a nice book at the printing company near us. I believe writing is kenisthetic and that it helps us remember what we have read. Not sure of all the spellings.

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      1. Okay.. I have to strengthen my faith daily by reading and understanding Scripture. I know it’s normal if I experience doubts at one point in my life but I believe I would surely prevail. Im tired of complaining when i cant study nor sleep just because i refuse to take my medications but i know Weeping might last for a night but joy comes in the morning. And yeah its been a while I opened my Bible

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      2. Don’t refuse to take your medications. Give your self to God, and ask Him to heal you in His timing. The joy of knowing Him and spending time with Him will help you far more than anything I know. I often watch the older programs on television. This helps me not think so hard. I believe it is alright to watch Andy Griffin, and educational things.

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      3. After studying, kneel to pray. “I bow my knees to you, Father in Jesus name. I give myself to you from head to toe, inside and out, in Jesus name.” Confession, and praying on your knees will help. I’m talking about confessing that you are His child, and that He is God, in Jesus name.

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