Respect. 2

Respecting the Lord has been put aside by so many. We all know Him, but do we really. Knowing Christ comes from submission to Him from head to toe, inside and out. God wants you to ask Him to come live inside of you through the power of the Holy Spirit. You don’t assume, you ask for His Presence to be in you. You confess your sins, and receive by faith the Power of the Holy Spirit in you.

The world will not always respect Christians. Your stand for Him comes because you have found Him, and don’t want to let go. The truth sets you free. Respect God Almighty, and have this talk with Him. Tell Him that you want to give your life to Him, and live for Him from now own. Then close your prayer in Jesus name.

Being full of the Holy Spirit is by faith. Ask God the Holy Spirit to fill you from head to toe. Ask forgiveness of your sins that come to mind, and even if you have none, you should tell Him that you have a sinful nature. Covering with the blood of Jesus Christ, and asking to be full of the Holy Spirit of God will change you.

Reading the Word is the discipline you should go through daily. God in You is your hope of Glory. Bowing before Him in the privacy of your home, where you read, and after you have read will change you. I bowed yesterday and woke up with peace. I fell asleep praying. I often pray to sleep at night. I know that God wants us to draw from His Word, and to pray daily. You can pray back some passages of scripture.

Psalm 23,27, 1, 37, 100, and 99 are all wonderful.


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