I Still Love to Play Checkers.

I found the checkers game again on the computer. It takes a while for the board to appear. When it does, I play against the computer, or someone else who has applied to play. We are both waiting on someone to play us.

I find that organization helps with this game. I am learning on my own how to win to beat. I have not beaten the computer much. It is fantastic with the game, but I don’t play the exact way every time. It won’t let me cheat, or jump the way I used to. I took too many moves, and my son quit playing with me. Well, the computer doesn’t talk. It also get stuck on the opponent’s move. At times the opponent drops out, and the computer has to play me. I am learning, and I still love to play checkers. I plan to keep on because games are good for rebuilding your mind, and making you think. I can go fast, or slow as long as the computer cooperates. Humans think too much.


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