I May be an Impressionist Painter. Art shown by Ruby J Craft.

I draw what I see, but often I have one problem or two getting the picture on the canvas with a likeness. I have drawn all my life. I have taken some art lessons, but not enough to have a degree in art.

I believe I may be an impressionist for this reason. I just put the work out there. I have painted with oils, but my father encouraged me strongly to switch to acrylic paints. Now I know there are better oil paints out there that dry quickly.

I paint until I have a likeness of the subject. Someone asked me to do a picture that was already painted. He wanted to see what I would do with it. I worked on it for hours and sent it to my sister, who gave it to the person. He took the original out of the frame, and put mine in there. I did verify that I produced this from a painting that someone gave me. I gave credit to the original artist. I would not like it if someone took one of my flowers and repainted it. I can understand if they did. I am a novice. Easter Egg HuntYes, He loves me.love-joy-peace-4dancing_sunflowers_by_rsc3-d483avxBORN AGAIN



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