I have been Writing Off, and On All Day.


We are to 785 followers as of today. Some new ones found this blog today. I am happy, and I have been writing off, and on all day. I love to write. I write what comes to mind as I type. I have no problem with writing, because it flows, and comes to mind as I write. I just have to keep up with the flow of thoughts. I started with no followers about 6 years ago, and today I have this many. I wait for more to come. At times I go through the articles written on Reader. It is informative reading.

I major with Rubies Corner’s blog. I suppose my advice to the new writers is to check the ABC section for spelling errors. Then publish it. I don’t work all day on one post. I do use pictures, but most are what I have drawn. I don’t have resources for pictures that others have drawn, or taken.

I love to express my thoughts on Word Press. com. I believe this is the nicest time I have had with writing. I plan to keep writing. At times I do spend a good day writing, because I have more to say, and it takes time to type it out. My son is bringing me a composition book, and then I will do my studies for tonight. I usually have them in the morning, but I have run very low on paper.

I love a good rain. Our grass was just mowed, but it will be time to mow again soon. I love grass that isn’t up to my knees. If the rain doesn’t give us a break, the grass may be up to my knees soon.


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