The Rain Ha Stopped.

I went into the living room to study. I just now finished. I got down on the floor to pray, because this is comfortable. I found my place and talked to Him. I woke up, and got up off the floor. Now as I work around the house, His presence will still be with me.

There has been a gentle, steady rain here. I love it when the rain comes gently, and steadily. I have heard no thunder or lightening, so I am on the computer for a short time. It is nice to get to write after spending time with the Lord. I read Hebrews 12, and found verses on being in His Presence.

It was a wonderful time with Him. I am about out of my little, book that I write in. I will have to find another one.A TABLE JUST FOR STUDY. book. I will have to get another one. Mine this time is black, and it has some designs on it. The pages of this book were lined, but nothing was written on the. That is my job. I study, and then I write.

The Lord is always close to those who seek Him out. He does let us find Him. Smile.


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