Now it is Really Raining.

I told you the rain stopped, but not now it isn’t stopped. I can hear it coming down, and the wind must be blowing also. It isn’t a violent rain, but very hard right now. It is beating down on our roof. It is a wonder we don’t have a new leak. Ed has patched our roof several times this month. He makes it in time for the next rain. This shows whether he did a good job repairing it. He does. He is not afraid to get on the roof, and the height does not bother him.

I would love to have a tin roof, but these days they are high. I will refrain. I don’t believe in paying for a roof for a long time. I do love to hear the rain, especially when I am toasty dry.

The rain will be gone eventually. I don’t know when it is supposed to stop. It has been raining, but this is a harder, faster rain. Smile. I love a rainy day.


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