It is Important to Have A Long Time with the Lord. I have the time. It is a Matter of Taking my time.

I take my time when I read the Bible, because I have learned that if I take my time, and finish, then it is going to give me something worth my while. I went to several passages, and studied the word, strength as opposed to weakness. When we are weak, God wants us to trust in Him, and to lean on Him, and the Word.

Many are the trials of the righteous, but God delivers us from all of them. By deliverance, I mean He comes with His presence, and that is with the angels. They do the fighting for me when I am in need of help. I don’t rush to get through,

God is Everlasting, and He is not bothered with time. I am retired. I can take time to study the Word. It is a wonderful, experience to read, understand, and receive, encouragement. Frankly, if we really are sure this is what we want to do, then studying won’t be stopped. The family will see the difference. Mine has. They encourage me to study. Smile.

We have to get to the place of true submission. It isn’t easy to submit all of you, and give it to God. I have done this, and it took time. I wanted to be sure He heard me, and that He was going to be for me for the rest of my life. I submitted head to toe. It doesn’t work if you leave an important area out. All, or nothing is the way submission to Christ is. You know when you have prayed, and it got through all the flack, and to His throne.

The result of true submission is the peace of God that comes on you like a coat that you wear. His coat of peace is forever.


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