Home is A Good Place To Be.

Home is where my heart is. I cooked supper today for the people at the church who gather for supper, and the Bible study. We had 15 people who decided to brave the supper, and hear the lesson. I had pork roast, potatoes, carrots, and a new kind of brownie cookie that I put together. We also had slaw. Doris, and T. brought a fruit tray. It did go over well.

We had time to study with Ed, and to pray together over people’s requests. It didn’t take that long to have supper. We brought home a little bit of the roast. It was completely done. That is nice. I try hard to help the roast get done.

Now we are home. I feel that home is a good place to be. I will rest tonight. I have reading to get done tomorrow. I am reading in Ezekiel, and in Ephesians. I was to have read chapter two in Ephesians. I didn’t read today. I may read this before I go to sleep. I like to keep on task.



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