We bought groceries to last us two, weeks.

I am still learning how to make food that we get from the store last us for two weeks. I have learned that grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch goes a long way. Cheese is a meat substitute, and I put a little butter in the pan, put down two slices of bread, and put the cheese on one of those. Then I put the lid on, and carefully turn the sandwich. It cooks fast, and there is one, thing that I do that is fattening. I put real butter in the pan to toast the bread. I sprinkle the cheese on the bread without putting butter on the bread. This cooks quickly.

Isaac brought home another big bag of cheese. I expect it to last us two, weeks. We just had grilled cheese sandwiches, and Isaac had his egg on toast like a sandwich. He fixed it himself. Then he had a grilled cheese sandwich.

I believe this way we will have a lighter supper. Unless we are starving, we will have popcorn for supper. We have had our heavy meal. We often make pop corn in the air popper. We put a tad of butter on it, and salt. That is all we do. We don’t want to gain weight. I believe popcorn is a staple thing in our family. We eat it in the Winter, or summer. We get the big bags of popcorn. It is not popped, and it lasts for a while.


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