The Rain Came, and Now it is Gone.

Ed did get the front yard mowed before the rain came again. This makes the total lawn mowed. It takes time, and effort that I can’t help with. I don’t mow the lawn, or wash windows. That is out for me, because of the pacemaker. I can’t do everything with this left, arm.

I became warmer in the house due to the baking, so we turned on the air. It gets cold, and I wrap in a blanket, or quilt. It is better than being stuffy, and hot. I love the rain when it comes. It blows in a breeze, and the temperature outside is cooler than it was. All summer we will have rain. Today we had plenty of lightning, and thunder. I don’t like them but I let them stay around because with them the rain comes and it is plentiful. We don’t have drought this way.

I took a short nap today. I was drop-out tired so I took a small blanket, and went to sleep We don’t always stay up late. I believe in getting sleep before 12:00 midnight. It is healthy to go to sleep before twelve. Your brain gets added chemicals that it wouldn’t if you wait until later in the morning to go to sleep. If I get up early, then I go to bed early. Long days are too, tiring.


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