I TOOK TIME TO READ THIS MORNING. I DO THIS DAILY. It is becoming a habit. Early to bed, early to rise makes me happier, and wiser. I rested my coffee cup on the living room table by the window. I could see out at the traffic, as I open the Word for today and studied. I went to Joshua because I haven’t finished this book yet. I still lack several chapters.

This person was a warrior, soldier, and captain of the army of Israel. He was a wonderful leader, and very fast with his weapons. He helped conquer many cities, and He brought more land, and happiness to Israel in his time. I believe this man was strong in his faith, and I love to see this characteristic in men, and women. To be strong, means to stand having done all to stand in your faith. I believe God gives you weapons of warfare which will take down the strongholds that should come down.

Lying is an awful stronghold. You might pray that God will make you an honest person, who loves Jesus from head to toe. I believe God is true, and what He says is the truth. If you ask Him what is in the way between you and Him, He will tell you, Christians. He hears the sinners prayer when you pray to receive Christ as your Savior.


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