How Do You Honor Your Parents?

I am talking about parents. They brought you into the world, and they should have your respect, and honor. They should be heard, and you should learn to communicate with them so that your life will go right, and you will live longer on this earth. Parents are there for a small time to guide you, train you, and to give advice.

I believe the principles of parenting are Biblical, and I believe my parents did their best to present Christ to us. We were a, preacher’s, family, and we saw Dad live it, and we peeked through the wall to find that when he shut the study door, he might be on his knees. I am thankful that both my parents knew Christ, and followed His ways.

Mom coached me all my life about the things of the Lord. She gave me things to pray about, and she made it active prayer in this way. I learned to talk to the Lord, before I received Him as my Savior. So when I did accept Jesus Christ into my life, I was full of prayers that weren’t being heard. I received by faith, and I was a different, person though very, young.

In my home I present Christ, kneel to Him, and study daily. It gives me peace that is far better than the world’s peace.

I have peace from head to toe, inside and all around me. It is there from sitting before the Lord, and reading the Word. It is from fellowship and from praying.

At times my devotional time is cut by fixing breakfast for the family. The time goes quickly, and if I want more time, I will have to rise earlier.

My parents directed, and spoke to me about Christ until I received Him as my Savior. To have a child who committed to Christ was their intent, and goal for us girls. We each received Him, and I wasn’t the first. My sister found Christ, and soon I wanted Him, also. I am glad for her influence, because Jesus Christ changed me from sad, and crying daily, loneliness, and feelings of rejection, to absolute joy, which has stayed with me. I believe God poured out a double portion of His joy, because I have not been so sad since receiving Christ. I was young, but they didn’t drop me on my head. My parents coached me in the things of the Lord all my life. God is merciful, and good. He loves us, and wants all to come to repentance.



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