Honor Your Parents. 5

You are influenced by those who brought you up. Your parents are those who fed you, and tended you when you were tiny, and couldn’t function on your own well. We all grow up, and there is a time when the parents want to still have us respecting them like we did at home.

Parents are unique. I believe honoring your parents can be taught in the home at an early age. Being thankful should be taught. Honoring can go on long after parents have gone to Glory. Parents can be influential positively, or negatively. We are often the products of parents’ thoughts, and ways.

My parents had me memorize Bible verses, and the catechisms, and these helped me discover the answers to my questions. Part of honoring comes with the parents being respectful to you as part of their family. Everyone is placed in the family for a reason.

I believe sisters can be a profound influence. Parents need to watch over sisters. They can be verbally abusive.

Children should play, and Parents should give them jobs to do around the home.

Organization is important to children. A schedule helps. This is important in shaping your children. If you have a schedule for the day, they know it now.

Teaching children to love Jesus, and to come to know Him is one of the golden, moments that should happen in every home. Many times this doesn’t happen. I believe many parents win their children to Christ. It is normal for them to lead their children to Christ, because children watch, and their soul knows the difference between real, and false love. I hope these pages of thoughts will help you in your walk with the Lord. Firmness with love is difficult. We guide, direct, and watch over those we care about.



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