Honor Your Parents.

Disrespect is not listening when your parents speak to you. Disrespect is calling them names, and not receiving their advice. Disrespect is being lazy around the house, instead of picking up things in your room, and taking ownership of your part of the house when it comes to cleaning it. Disrespect can be an attitude that doesn’t leave for days. Disrespect shows what your attitude is from your heart. The words coming from your mouth, are often from your heart.

I have seen parents go overboard on the whippings. I believe this can cause the child to hate the parent, and the spankings. I believe discipline should never be in anger. I believe there is a way to honor your parents, that causes children to mind even when they are older.

Rebellion doesn’t have to happen in the home, but often it does with early, teenagers. I believe if they have been taught, they will not go far from the words their parents instilled in them.

Respect is from the heart, and it should be from the parents to the child, and from the child to the parents.

Honoring is a matter of the heart. Respect comes after the child has done what you asked. You begin to trust. Some do. Some fall far from the tree.

I do not have all the answers. I do know when I became a Christian, by receiving Jesus Christ in my life, I changed. The sunshine was shining daily, and I was singing to Him outside, because I changed from sad to glad. God got hold of me, and I have never been the same. When Salvation is real, there is a change. It is when God gets hold of you from inside to the outside. Ephesians 2:8-9 are my verses for this year also.


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