Honor Your Parents .3

In the days when I was repenting for attitudes of the past, I included not honoring my parents, and their advice to me at times. Life is not easy, and I had a hard time all my life with communicating how I feel, felt, and still feel.

I believe Mom took me under her wing, because I was different, and the struggle was apparent. She coached me in the ways of the Lord, and we prayed many times over things she would give me to pray. I believe her influence was equal, if not beyond my dad’s.

Both were strong in the Lord, and they both read the Bible alone. I watched their behavior, and their attitudes. I took in all this and summed that I needed Christ forever in my life.

When I found Him, Mom led me to the Lord. I was taught in a Christian home. I believe there were many battles that I didn’t know were happening. Mom and Dad prayed together over us, and Grand-pap was still praying that we would all come to Christ. We did. Prayers work.

Today I see children being disrespectful to their parents. Some have gone to our church. One girl kicked her mother in the shin, and there was no crying out. I know this Mom is a Christian.

We often need to pray, and then punish. Anger should not be the force behind spankings.

I believe how you raise a child will tell if they have been influenced positively for Christ.

I don’t believe in sparing the rod, but then I don’t believe in beating a child until they are bruised, and the marks from the switch are there for the school to see. I believe we must learn to discipline God’s way. He is not ruthless.


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